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The swing bullet jig comes with a 1/0  Gamakatsu hook and 3 ounces to choose from, 1/16, 3/16 and 1/4oz, Gamakatsu started producing fish hooks in 1955. At that time, they were the smallest hook manufacturer in Japan, and their hooks were made by hand. In 1963 they introduced a new automated heating facility which catapulted them to the forefront of the Japanese market. This new technology allowed Gamakatsu to make better hooks more quickly, giving them a competitive advantage in the Japanese market. In 1974 they introduced fully automated hook making machines, creating a necessity to build a second factory in order to meet the demand they had created. By 1976, 

Gamakatsu utilizes a unique tempering process allowing them to make a hook of superior strength and durability. The use of high carbon steel provided Gamakatsu hooks with high strength with a smaller wire, making their hooks desirable for all anglers. Sharpness is one of the most important factors in hook performance and Gamakatsu designed a superior conically needle honed point that are always sharp. Gamakatsu introduced colored hooks to match any lure or bait. Finally, Gamakatsu conducts continuous research to develop newdd styles of hooks to land more fish. A top example of style innovation is the extra wide gap (EWG) that hooks and holds fish better.In 1992, the Gamakatsu brand entered America with the establishment of Gamakatsu USA Inc. in Tacoma, Washington to distribute Gamakatsu branded hooks to the U.S. market. American anglers were quickly exposed to the innovative and high-quality hooks making them the choice of top anglers across the country. When anglers purchase Gamakatsu hooks, they are buying an original product made by Gamakatsu, the leading fish hook manufacturer in Japan. They are constantly testing new materials trying to improve their product, which already sets the standard for the rest of the industry. Entering the 2000s, Gamakatsu continued to launch new products and expand the reach of the brand across the country. Today, Gamakatsu is know from coast to coast, border to border, as the first choice for anglers looking for the finest fish hooks.Since 1955, Gamakatsu has strictly stuck to the theme of “Nature and Technology”. They work hard to develop new, hi-tech products that benefit outdoorsman without adversely affecting the environment. Gamakatsu’s policy of technical development has always been “the best of quality”. They are always searching for new ways to make existing products better in addition to constantly looking for unique products which are not yet available. They believe that only this attitude can give the customers the best they deserve!With offices located around the world, Gamakatsu is able to research all markets and develop unique products that meet the needs of even the most demanding angler, anywhere in the world. 

Weedless swing bullet jig SHB00

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