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 Spinner/Buzz Bait

Unleash the explosive power of our Spinner/Buzz ChatterBait Jigs,These versatile jigs combine the best of spinner baits, buzz baits, and chatter baits to create an irresistible combination of flash, vibration, and action. The spinning blades or buzz blades create a commotion that entices aggressive strikes, Whether you're targeting bass, pike, or muskie, our Spinner/Buzz Baits Jigs are designed to provoke vicious strikes from even the most finicky fish. Made with premium quality components and sharp hooks, these jigs ensure optimal performance and hooksets. Explore our collection and gear up with the ultimate weapon for explosive fishing action. Get ready to ignite a feeding frenzy and reel in trophy catches.

Our spinner baits come in 5 sizes, 3 Mustad hook sizes and 30 colors to choose from or buy ready made spinner baits.

Our Buzzbaits come in 2 different sizes with 2 size Mustad hooks and 30 colors to choose from or buy our ready-made buzz baits

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