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Viellard Migeon & Cie (VMC)2 is a more than bicentenary industrial family-owned company specialised in the transformation of steel. The company is involved in three main activities: (1) the manufacturing of fish hooks and other fishing tackle, (2) production and distribution of welding consumables and methods, and (3) manufacturing of automobile, aerospace fasteners and medical implant devices. While all these activities take their roots in the forge industry in the Eastern part of France, one is particularly representative of the fine balance that the family has managed to maintain over the generations between tradition and innovation, and of the development of acquired knowledge to other activities: fish hook manufacturing. In line with the production of steel string, VMC started to make fish hooks at the beginning of the 20th century to now being one of the most important actors of this sector with four millions fish hooks produced per day. VMC is also the world market leader in the production and sales of treble hooks. The company exports 70% of its production over 70 countries and is still run by the Viellard family from the same area where the 4th generation started this industrial fishing tackle story.

Vmc hook EWG

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