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Comes with stout Mustad hook, will not bend or break.

3/8 oz 1/0 hook

1/2 oz  1/0 hook

3/4 oz  2/0 hook

1 1/8oz   3/0 hook

Check out our new sheepshead jig pro, they are specifically designed with a flat bottom so when you are realing it in it will not tip over and the grooves allow water to cause ripples attracting the fish, so put on a fiddler crab or whatever bait your prefer and get ready, they also work great for burbot, they get down to the bottom fast.

Sheepshead fish (Archosargus probatocephalus) are a species of ray-finned, predominantly marine fish commonly found along the eastern coastline of North America and South America. 

Most sheepshead fish grow to between 17 inches and 17.7 inches long. However, some individuals can reach up to 36 inches, They cannot be found in inland lakes since they are a saltwater fish, choose the colors you like that would work best for you or buy unpainted and them them yourself, eathier way this is the best jig.

Sheep sticker white/black pro

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