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Gamakatsu® started producing fish hooks in 1955.

At that time, they were the smallest hook manufacturer in Japan and all of their hooks were made by hand. In 1963 they introduced a new automated heating facility which catapulted them to the forefront of the Japanese market.

In 1974, they introduced fully automated hook making machines and found it necessary to build a second factory in order to meet the demand they had created.

In 1976, as the leading Japanese hook manufacturer, Gamakatsu® began building a new factory to produce high quality fishing rods for the Japanese market.


In 1988, after significant upgrades to their automated tempering facilities and further expansion in the hook factory, Gamakatsu® Co. Ltd. opened Gamakatsu® International Co., Ltd. in Thailand and Gamakatsu® Shantou Co. Ltd. in China in 1989. These two factories import hooks from factory in Japan for use in a number of other products that require snelling, rigging, fly tying and packaging.

When anglers purchase Gamakatsu® hooks, they are buying an original product made exclusively by GAMAKATSU®.

Gamakatsu® is the leading fish hook manufacturer in Japan, and for that matter worldwide. Gamakatsu® is constantly testing new materials and striving to improve their products which already set the standard for the rest of the industry.

In 1992 Gamakatsu® USA inc. was established to provide Gamakatsu® brand hooks to the U.S. market, followed by SPRO, The Official Gamakatsu’s exclusive agent, established in the Netherlands in 1994 to service the European market.

Gamakatsu weedless hooks EWG

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