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Bear Paw line-leader connectors are a unique and simple way to attach your snelled hooks to you line with no use of knots. Every tackle box should carry these patented easy on easy off connectors. They are adjustable on your line, giving you the opportunity to design your own rig while placing the snelled bait at the depth you desire. Avoids line cutting and ends line weakening and fracturing due to knot strain. Ideal for winter fishing when cold hands make knot tying difficult.


In 1946 two avid fishermen and sportsmen, Kurt Rade and Fred Meinzinger, wanting more originality and success with their terminal tackle, began designing and tying wire snelled hooks and crawler harnesses in Fred’s basement. As they became more successful in catching fish, so did their friends and neighbors, and the demand for their fishing tackle was on. This demand got the attention of local sporting goods stores and wagon jobbers, and the Meinzinger and Rade Company was formed.

After just a few years, Kurt, a tool and die man by trade, decided to seriously pursue his first love, fishing, and along with his wife Mae, purchased the company and renamed it the Bear Paw Tackle Co. And the rest is history, as they say.

Over the years, more snelled hooks and flicker snelled hooks, a patented line-leader connector, electric fish scalers, and other terminal tackle and accessories were introduced. 71 years later, Bear Paw Tackle Co, still a family owned business, manufactures and distributes one of the largest (over 400 styles and sizes) assortments of snelled and flicker snelled hooks in the country.


Today Bear Paw continues to manufacture outstanding fishing tackle products that fishermen, women and children have relied on for easier, more enjoyable, and successful fishing!

Bear Paw MP1 No Knot Leader Connectors 1-50 lb Line

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